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What Are The Power Archetypes?

The Power Archetypes represent three influential forces behind effective change makers. When these forces are well developed change-makers often show up powerfully in the world but when they are not, change can seem almost impossible.

The three forces of effective change makers are what we call:

The Intuit

The Strategist

The Catalyst

Why Am I Being Asked To Take This Test?

By understanding these forces and how we show up in the world, we can begin to understand where we are, where we can improve and where others can take the journey with us to strengthen our mission.

Is there a preferred archetype? Is any one better than another?

No. All three Power Archetypes are essential. It’s important to note that while we may have a dominant force of change that we lead within our work, all three forces (Intuit, Strategist and Catalyst) exist within each of us to some degree. The dominant force influences the ways you learn, make decisions, and access the power of flow. As with any force, you can be operating in either the positive or negative flow.

When operating in the positive the force is mastered and it is your super-power, while in the negative it is your greatest stumbling block to creating effective change.


When choosing the statements that follow it will be wise not to look at these statements as aspirations or wants but rather it should reflect how you show up in the world currently and in the past.

These statements are intended to be diagnostic in nature pointing to not just how you think about the world but importantly, how you act and feel in the world. The latter two being the best way to understand what you really think at a subconscious level.

In summary, look for the presence of these three themes in your life to help validate each statement choice you make:

  1. Consistency of action exists in this area by you
  2. Strong feelings that push you towards or away from the statements
  3. Where others who know you may agree with the statement that you choose

Get into a quiet space, turn off media notifications and remove all distractions.

Take your time and approach this test with a commitment to radical honesty.

Ok so here goes …

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